Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Serene lifestyle of Ipoh

12 Sept 09 - Life in Ipoh is certainly a blessing. If you ever notice my photos, my tummy is starting to fill up. Hahaha :-) I have been enjoying great food and nice outdoor activities lately. Ipoh is not as bad as some people may have dubbed it. In fact, it is filled with excitement, if you take your time to explore the possibilities.

Just last week, I went for a dip with my family in Tambun Hot Spring which is next to The Lost World Leisure park in Tambun. Only RM 5 per entry and, yupp!!! You are free to enjoy it as long as you want. (or till your skins start peeling off like boiled potato, =) )

Then later that night, I went out to celebrate my mate's birthday (Derek Ho). We had the best chocolate cake ever from Gold Vision. It was celebrated in Kopitiam Junction at Ipoh Parade.

Ohh..some updates on my dog - Ah Bee. He has a new home now. It was a crate imported all the way from UK (United Kingdom and not Ulu Kelang). At least he has a shelter now. Keeps us peaceful when it rains cats and dogs, as he usually howls as he gets showered with rain.

A little update about my work. Someone left us last week after working for about 9 years. I must say it is a little upset to see someone go. We had a farewell dinner in Moven Peak. She was my senior before I join the company about 6 years back. So, now when I join the company again after leaving it for 3 years, she is leaving us for a greener pasture. I wish her every success in her future endeavour. This dinner is one of a kind. Never had we ever gather up so many colleagues from Dept 1 for dinner before. So unfortunate that is has to happen when someone leaves.