Monday, 12 November 2007

Updates after my interview with Borsch, Worcester

Hi guys and gals,

I went for an interview with Borsch in Worcester last week. It went quite smoothly and I answered all their questions satisfactorily, at least this was what I thought. It was not tough but I doubt I will get this job as I will be the only chinese working in the factory if hired. I guess the odds are low that I can will get this position. It was a vacancy for Process Engineer. Anyway, result will be out by this week, if all goes well I will need to attend a second follow up interview. Pray for me!!! Please!!!

Want to know what I did for the past couple of weeks? Well here are some photos for you guys:

Do you know where is this lovely and peaceful place? Doesn't it look nice and serene? This is Peak District, its not far away from Nottingham. About 1 hour bus ride. This was a trip organised by my church fellowship members. We went for fellowship and hiking. I took the opportunity to meet a few new mates. It was just a day trip, all sunny but the wind was quite chilly. We were all well wrapped up until we were halfway through, then we started to sweat like pigs and had to peel off some layers just like onions. Great trip. I will certainly go again soon.