Monday, 31 August 2009

My scooby doo - Ah Bee

I am just about to finish reading Marley & Me. This is certainly a good read and I recommend it to avid dog lovers. I am a dog lover myself. My lovely dog is called Ah Bee as he whines a lot, making funny whistle noises when he needs food, a walk, company and etc. Even so, he is lovable and energetic. If I ever leave the house for a walk without him on leash beside me, he will be barking on top of his lungs for my attention. Everytime I come back home, there he will be sitting attentively with his tail in full swing as if he has seen a huge bone. Dogs are faithful animals which loves to have fun. I am glad to have his company.

Unfortunately, he is partially blind, meaning he can only see with one eye. Monoscopic vision. This happened a few years back when he was beaten by an old man. The man would whack his head using a stick till he bleeds. He was tortured while he was still a pup. One fine day, he came to us looking for food and shelter. This is when our relationship started.

Dogs are clever animals. They learn to adapt to domestic living and provides faithful company to humans. It gives me great relieve after a long day work when I see Ah Bee wagging his tail tirelessly as a gesture of welcoming me home. Something I can never understand. Why would he be so happy to see me? I occasional play with him, pat on his head and take him for a stroll. That is about it, nothing more but he sees me more than just a companion, in fact he sees me as his best mate. He teaches me what it is meant to be faithful. As I hold the blue leash which I use when taking him for a walk, he will be jumping like a kangaroo (sometimes as high as my shoulder) while barking as if he is trying to talk to me of how glad he was. He taught me what it meant to be enjoying moments of life no matter how simple it might appear.

On a separate note, he can be a pain sometimes, especially when he barks at the wrong moments. Occasionally, he will bark at suspicious people who walk pass our house, sometimes a cat or some unidentified moving object can also trigger him, creating the same effect. My dad will then shout to warn him, but if he persists any further, two or three strokes of rotan will be the price to pay. At times, he will also get the rotan for picking the wrong place to pee. Car tyres are his best spots, including the front bumper of our Kancil. However so, he is doing well now, we learnt that he needs to be reminded endlessly. We will talk to him with a stern voice everytime we park the car, shouting "Don't you dare to pee here, ok? If not you will makan this", while pointing the forbidden spot followed by the rotan to him. It works!!

Here are a few pictures of him:

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Church of Praise 24th anniversary

I had a great time at church today. This year marks the 24th anniversary for Church of Praise. The performance and sermon was powerful today. Little kids from Sunday school were dancing gracefully without any sign of holding back. The worship team chose some moving songs to praise the Lord. It was a huge congregation today with combined service from mandarin and english. A pastor from Kuala Lumpur was invited to preach, it was a powerful message to call upon all of us to take the first step and start leading. I will have to prepare a humble heart to start serving the Lord again. I have stopped serving for almost 2 months...

The service starts at 10am but I woke up at 7.30am. I totally forgot about the anniversary! As I was taking my breakfast, only then I realise how forgetful was I. Felt the urge to hit the sack again but I was widely awake by then. Hmmm... I went online and check a few emails just to kill time.

It's working day again tomorrow. All my shirts are free from crease so I am ready for Monday again. Brand new week for work. It will be my 4th day at work tomorrow. My supervisor is already keeping me busy now. I have about 3 assignments so far. On my second day of work, I was already given a near impossible assignment. Tough cookie...

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

At last, another new episode of my journey

I finally called to accept the offer today after pondering for sometime. While I feel reluctant to start this new episode of my journey, a part of me felt a hint of relief from desperation. I am happy to begin this journey, eventhough there will be lot to catch up on and issues to handle. I shall start my first day of work with a heart full of enthusiasm.

All sorts of questions are popping from my head like growing bubbles, popping and growing around my head. How can I contribute to the wirebond process in Unisem? How quick will I learn? What can I expect on my first day? How will my badge look like? What will be my staff no? These questions bring a great sense of curiousity cum excitement. I felt like a baby all excited after beginning to start walking for the first time ever. =)

Bye bye to my long long vacation and welcome to reality of life.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Thank God I found a job, bye bye to long vacation..

I have been applying for a couple of jobs lately. Hoping to get an offer quickly as I had been idling for sometime. My interview went on smoothly and I was offered a position right away. Coming to the final stage of this interview is salary negotiation. I have decided to take the offer if it meets my minimum salary expectation, else I will have to reconsider other options.

If all goes well, I will be breaking from this long spell of idleness. Starting work again, yay!!! I am sure I will be missing these period of carefree living once I carry out daily mundane tasks at the company. Never look back though, keep looking forward and have a vision. This is a more positive approach. ;=)

I will be working as a Senior Process Engineer with Unisem. As in any other semicon manufacturing company, I expect to be working long hours. Sometimes, weekends might be wasted with the warm company of buzzing machines, graphs and issues. This made me ask myself the ultimate question of why I would decide to stay in Malaysia instead of pursuing for a relaxing working environment and great career prospect in the UK. Why huh? This is because I believe God has a purpose for me here. Be it spreading the gospel to my parents or something else. I know He has a plan for me. Therefore, I shall cling onto Him and patiently awaits as He reveals bit by bits of His mighty plan to me.

Just as I blog this, received a call from Unisem, I was offered a position as above with a reasonable salary. Will call back to confirm my decision tomorrow. Yahoo!!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Mong Kit's birthday

02/08/2009 - Mong Kit's birthday!!!

We were having a little party for MK. First, we had sushi at Kizuna in Ipoh Garden. Nice sumptuous meal all paid by my sister. :=) I wanted to chip in too but can't afford to as I have not got a job yet. Still having to slog for keeps. ;=)

After that, we went for Karaoke in Ipoh Parade. I never sing much but MK's sister was the star of the night. She incredibly sang almost every available hit songs. Most of all, she did it with ease, so professional. :P Here are some pictures taken during her birthday:

Giving up my dream

I have not worked for almost 5 months now. Life has been rather idle as I wait for the result of entry clearance application. Fellow friends, I have given up hope to work in the UK. Suprised? o_O". Well, please don't be. After careful consideration and much contemplation, I have finally decided to stay here in sweet home Malaysia.

Well, what to do as I am a homely type of person. Enjoys staying with family members more than anything else. Looking back at my journey, I enjoyed every single bit of it. Life will be monotonous if I have not decided to travel about with the working holiday visa. At least, I experienced working life in the UK and travelled across places like Barcelona, Rome and etc. Most of all, I was baptised in the UK and learned so much about Christianity there.

Went for interview last week with my ex company Unisem. It went smoothly but the interviewer requires someone who is hands on and able to work independantly without assistance. Too bad I stopped working in the semicon field for a couple of years, so I failed. Another coming interview this Friday. Pray that I can have a smooth one again this time. Feeling a little desperate at this point, desperation for a job after enjoying 'honeymoon' for almost 6 months. Wow! Almost 6 months of idleness.