Monday, 29 September 2008

Sunset in Walney Island

I walked 5 miles just to get to Walney Island just off Barrow-In-Furness. It was a little tiring, maybe because I have not been exercising much lately. The long walk is really worth it as the evening sun sets just after I reach the beach. I am so glad to enjoy the beauty of nature once again, praying and thanking our Heavenly father for everything he has given me. Sometimes I ever wonder how powerful our God is. The universe and earth runs on its own orbit and system. Timing is just perfect and it never fails. Our God is perfect.

This is a restaurant and club which they call "The Boat". Heard that it is a nice place to hangout at night. I am not too sure about the food but will try one day.

One of the nice ships anchoring around Barrow shore.

Ever notice the boats are overturned and not supported by water? Well, it is low tide when this picture is taken. It will be floating again once high tide takes place.

Lots of seagulls as I walk to the island.

Notice that there is a lot of barrier rocks around the perimeter of the coast. This is to prevent waves from washing up to the houses when gale force winds strikes. This picture is taken when it is low tide, the water will come up to somewhere around the rocky perimeters when it is high tide. Most of these houses are dwelled by pensioners, in a couple of years, when the water level goes up due to global warming, these houses might be at risk. Poor thing for the pensioners as they will have to move out eventually...

The beach is a large piece of flat land, so when the tide comes towards the shore, it goes really quick and I saw this myself yesterday. We can literally see the waves washing nearer towards the shore. Water covers up the whole area in a matter of hours. If we are not careful, the consequence which follows might be fatal as we can get washed out into the sea.

Here comes the final pics..sunset which was what I waited for...

Trip to Ulverston for Lantern festival

Here comes another update from me. I went to a town called Ulverston which is only about 25 minutes drive from here. Found out that Lantern Festival is held there annually. Therefore, I seize the opportunity to check it out myself.

It was quite a chilly evening when I reach Ulverston. The event was great and I took a couple of nice shots during the lantern procession. This is similar to our Chinese mid-autumn festival or "Baat Yuet Sapt Ng", just that the lanterns are white and colourless. It was nice and entertaining somehow and a lot of the lanterns are actually handmade by the bearers themselve. Good work of art...
Ulverston is an ancient market town, thats why the streets are cobbled just like Rome, Italy.
There is these band which play good music to brighten up the atmosphere.
Suddenly comes two lovely angels to bless us with little magic sparkles. (Confetti)
Don't you think the lanterns are just amazing???

Towards the end of it, everyone gathers with their lantern in Ford Park where there is firework display. It was spectacular but I did not get any good fireworks shots. Sorry...

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

So it has finally come to my farewell...

I have tried so hard to apply for a permanent position. Praying hard everyday asking my Lord to reveal His plan for me. I prayed and prayed...One fine day, I received an anonymous call from a head hunter. I get plenty of such calls since I got into UK. Therefore, I am not suprised at all. As usual, he explained the role to me, checked if I am interested and told me to wait for his call. I never expect too much as previous experience fails me too many times.

Middle of this year I went for Rolls Royce job assessment, which I failed. I did put some hope, expecting to get it but to no avail. Really dissapointed. However, as I dwell on this thought, the phone rang and I was invited for an interview in Barrow-In-Furness. The journey is about 4 hours by rail. I stayed there for a night, again doing my usual daily prayer and quiet time. Interview went smoothly and I believed I answered well.

The following week, my prayer was answered and I was offered a permanent role as a Process Engineer working for the firm Oxley Developments Co. Ltd. This comes as a real suprise to me...God really works in miraculous ways..ways we never expected. Its coming close to a year of work in Nottingham (my visa only allows work up to a year). I thought if I do not get a permanent position I might as well go back to Malaysia and start afresh.

I officially started my job on the 1st September 2008. It is real far away from Nottingham and I must say I miss my family back home in Malaysia as well as my spiritual family in Nottingham. At the moment work is from 8 till 4.30 Mon-Thurs and 8 till 1.27pm on a Friday. Working in the UK is pretty relaxing and easy going. I enjoy the working culture here. There are more opportunities to travel about and attend trainings. Where else in Malaysia, this opportunities are really rare. I have so much time for myself now a days so I spend it mostly online updating my blogs and facebook. Of course, not forgetting to have quiet time for God, for He loves us and is good...

Here are the pictures taken before I left for Barrow...

My Bros and sis in Christ...aren't they good looking? Hahahah...of course all of us do.

Here is my company ID...picture taken was with bad lighting, not because I got a tan...if you notice the condition statement just right below the card "PROPERTY OF THE COMPANY", does that mean I belong to the company???

Town Hall of Barrow-In -Furness

I am living in a single bedroom flat right now, rented property. It comes fully furnished with fridge, hobs, washing machine, oven, tables, bed, sofa and etc...The size is really comfortable for one person and I have a double bed all to myself. :P

Sarah's Graduation..

Here are the pictures taken during my friend's graduation was a real nice summer day. Bits of cloud but it was really nice. We had a great time together celebrating her grad. Congratulations to her!

The whole big family...

Pictures explains a thousand words...

I will place more pictures as I felt lazy to type...

Hiyaaa....paparazi are everywhere, can't wait till I close my car door, hiyaaa..being popular is so hard. :P

All trying to act cool!

Killer on the loose..

The cook is working... :P

The power of "Hei Gung"

Brotherly fight...Acting Cool...

These are my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ whom I met in Nottingham. Most of them are students. So, at times this reminds me of how "mature" I am right now. I sometimes felt jealous of them. Students can really afford to spend so much time enjoying life, not gettting too worried about finance and time. Maybe some do but I have too much things to worry about. I need to worry about my finances, time, future and career...