Sunday, 30 December 2007

Updates after Xmas celebration in Nottingham...

I am now officially a Christian boy after baptism last month. On 25th Nov 2008 I undergone full immersion baptism. Its really a great experience. I was immersed in a warm pool of water and then appeared back up feeling all freshed. The ceremony was witnessed by fellow Christian bros and sisters. I got a nice bouquet of flower from fellow church member shown here in the picture:

After that, I went for Christian Retreat near Leicester. Its a farm where all of us had a great time away from the hustle and bustle of Nottingham city. Great time of reflection and sharing of faith. We also had outdoor activities in the freaking cold farm (about 5 degrees top with strong gales) Here is how the place look like:

Then now we move on to Christmas celebration in the UK. Want to know how Nottingham looks like during Christmas, well here is how the city council house looks like:

Nice isn't it? Of course, it was filled with music, carolling and lot of sweets!!

It even snowed once in Nottingham, I was suprised to see it happening one night. However, the white stuff never remained long for the weather turned milder afterwards.

Then of course, I treated myself for a trip to London. The picture above is the picture of London Bridge during night time. I was standing on another bridge while snapping this and I hope you believe it was bitterly cold with the wind blowing endlessly. I was shivering to the from my feet to the head. Its winter!!!

There were Christmas market in London where the Germans were displaying their finest of wines and foods.

Now of course, we come to Christmas celebration. As I am living with my aunt here in NOtts. We celebrate by having a big hot pot (ta pin lou) feast every year. Lots of fresh meats and vegetable lying everywhere on the table. Of course :P

That my aunty and uncle in Nottingham. Look at the foods above!

Here is a picture of my aunt with my nephew and niece...look at their pink cheeks!

Friday, 28 December 2007

More updates after a short delay...

Sorry guys for not being able to update on time. I was quite busy lately, working on 2 jobs. No choice as I need to earn the extra pound to make ends meet.

I was turned down by Borsch as my experience does not match their requirement. However, I get a good feedback from the interview, just that they have better candidates to hire.

Well guys, I bet all of you are curious as to what happened in this few weeks. Well, here we go, I got closer to my mates at work in Siemens, here are some of the photo's taken during our Friday chilling night out:

As I have 2 job tmr. I will need to sleep now. Will upload more photos this Sat.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Updates after my interview with Borsch, Worcester

Hi guys and gals,

I went for an interview with Borsch in Worcester last week. It went quite smoothly and I answered all their questions satisfactorily, at least this was what I thought. It was not tough but I doubt I will get this job as I will be the only chinese working in the factory if hired. I guess the odds are low that I can will get this position. It was a vacancy for Process Engineer. Anyway, result will be out by this week, if all goes well I will need to attend a second follow up interview. Pray for me!!! Please!!!

Want to know what I did for the past couple of weeks? Well here are some photos for you guys:

Do you know where is this lovely and peaceful place? Doesn't it look nice and serene? This is Peak District, its not far away from Nottingham. About 1 hour bus ride. This was a trip organised by my church fellowship members. We went for fellowship and hiking. I took the opportunity to meet a few new mates. It was just a day trip, all sunny but the wind was quite chilly. We were all well wrapped up until we were halfway through, then we started to sweat like pigs and had to peel off some layers just like onions. Great trip. I will certainly go again soon.

Friday, 19 October 2007

I am now working with Siemens Business Centre

Hi mates,

I think you must have been waiting for my updates here. Well, things are going fine with me here, I am now working full time for Siemens Business Centre as a data processor. The job is never boring, we have many different task to do which varies along a day's work. All task are listed on duty rosters each morning.

For those who want to know what I do, I will explain more in this paragraph, however if you are not interested then skip on to the next paragraph. My job is quite challenging at times. I work for Barclays Bank and Siemens PLC. There are so much manual paper work in a bank that most of its works are subcontracted. Siemens help Barclay to migrate into paperless system gradually so we help to sort forms, letters then scanned them to be used in computerise systems.

Here is my working pass:

Weather is getting really chilly, a nice feel of autumn here. Temperature averages to about 13 degree in the day and drop to freezing point at night. Frozen moments as I wait for bus to work every morning (6.30 am). A touch of frost is expected tomorrow morning in Nottingham, so we have to be careful while on the road. Have to say goodbye to T shirts and Shorts. Welcome to scarfs, hat, ear moths and gloves. ITS AUTUMN!!! Its getting dull and days are becoming shorter. It gets dark at 6.15pm now and sunrises at about 7.30 will not need to smoke to see "smoke" billowing out from you as its so cold that we steam as we breath.

Here are some photos to keep you up to date:

Photos description as follows:

Picture 1, 2 and 3 shows my aunt's cooking. We had a satisfying dinner together in a warm and cozy home.

Picture 4 is showing part of weekend events we have in Nottingham to promote social awareness and health.

Picture 5, 6, 7 and 8 shows the landscape and animals of Wollaton Park which is one of the great parks to visit in Nottingham.

Monday, 8 October 2007

So glad to receive a call from ATA employment agencies!

I am so glad to be receiving a call from ATA engineering employment agency. An appointment was set for initial interview on Thursday, 11th October at 12pm. I need to travel down to Leicester for the interview as they have no branches here in Nottingham. ATA is reputable for its experience in recruiting engineering candidates into large and popular firms. I am glad to be called for an interview.

Therefore, these few days are going to be filled with preparation. I will need to scroll through some reference books for interview tips and hints. I have given back most of my engineering knowledge to my old lecturers, so its time for a little revision and brush up. Wish me luck friends.

More updates but this time with PICTURES!!!

Hello friends,

First of all, to all my Malay friends, Selamat berpuasa!!!

I was working part time the other day at the chinese takeaway, my boss called me up to help out during the busy weekend. Of course I was compensated satisfactorily. About 40 over pounds per night, just 8 hours work. Just before I got home, a shop house was on fire just a couple of blocks away from the takeaway. Fire engines were quick and effective, also the policemen and paramedics were there on the spot right after the engines. No lost of lifes, 2 casualty were rescued, both Chinese. Here is how everything looks like:

Just last Monday I went for a movie and casino outing with friends. We had dinner in Wagamama, japanese restaurant famous for Udon noodles and other Japanese cuisines. Curious to found out how the food looks like? Well, here is how it looks:

It's autumn here in UK, temperature ranges from 4 to 18 degree celcius. As usual, British weather is really unpredictable, sunny day can suddenly turn into a storm. It's usually very chilly at night, Nottingham is cooler than London, about 2 degrees lower. Here are some pictures of the scenes just outside our current neighbourhood (notice the tree colours, I will take another one during winter for you to spot the changes) :
One of the scenic building of Nottingham town is the Council House which is located right in the middle of city centre:

Nottingham city is not just a boring place, Goosefair is held every year during the first week of October. Its a jumbo size fun fair. Lots of fun and thrilling rides, special snacks and food stuffs are sold here as well. Wonderful fair with great night scenes. The crowd is mainly of parents and childrens, not forgetting students which forms a large proportion of the Nottingham population. In case you don't know, there are actually 2 large university in Nottingham, namely the Nottingham Trent Uni and Nottingham Uni.
Like any usual fair, games are inevitable. One of them require us to pull a toppled Coke bottle up to standing position using a fishing rod with a round hoop at one end. Just one pound per try and you can take as long as you like. However, if the hoop slips off the bottle neck, game OVER!!

Want to know what is that green slimy stuff below:
This is known as Mushy Peas, usually served with mint sauce. One of the English delicacies found at fun fairs. If you would like to know how it taste like, I am not able to explain as I did not give it a try. Maybe you should ask the person in this photo, Anne...