Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Trip to Rome...a city of history!

Hi friends,

Its time to update myself after almost 6 months away from Malaysia. Its almost election there in Malaysia, I have been following some news online. It appears to be a different kind of atmosphere this time. Heard that BN is advertising on the TV and giving out flyers. I will not be able to vote as I heard of Malaysians not residing in Msia will not be eligible for voting. Correct me if this is not true.

I have been all good here. Working hard on 2 jobs, first is the full time data processing job with Siemens and another is part time at the Chinese Takeaway. My current residence is owed by my aunt therefore I am just parasiting until I get a better job. I do have to pay weekly rent, cannot leave for free mah, rite? Siemen's position is just a temporary one where I can be fired at any one time if the employer is not satisfied with my performance. Therefore, I am again hunting for a better position with higher pay and leading me to permanent role. I have tried applying for jobs here, went for an interview once but to no avail. Its even harder now to secure a permanent role here now that European Union Treaty was signed by Gordon Brown. Visitors from Europe is exempted from the need of a work permit while Asians need it. New immigration regulations also reduces the chance of me securing a permanent position here. Despite this, I will keep on trying as I believe as long as there is hope, the light is still waiting for us at the end of the tunnel.

I have been to Rome last month. A great place with nice sceneries and great structures. Great for photo taking. I was fortunate to enjoy the nice sunny and breezy weather there, thanks for travelling at the right time. Staying in a tight budget hostel is certainly an experience to remember. With each room accomodating 10 person, you can imagine how inconvenient and cramped it was. However, it just sort of balance it all when we look at the amount we had to pay. Meals are provided as well.

I went to Colloseum, Forums, Sistine Chapel, St Peter's Cathedral and almost all the Piazzas (Squares) there. Lots of walking but the stunning sceneries just wipe away the painstaking paces you have to endure. I enjoyed myself very much especially the original italian pastas there. Cheesy and fresh. The spaghetti has a tender feel, its so fresh that you can taste the genuine wheat flavour while chewing it. Only spent about 250 pounds in total for the trip, which is considered really cheap as we spent 4 days there.

For those who have facebook and/or friendster, you may add me using my email address joaukc@gmail.com or name Au Kwan Choon. I cannot get all pictures posted on my blog as its really time consuming. I will get them into my friendster and facebook account instead. Please take a look at them when you are free.

I have some pictures on jonathanaukc.blogspot.com however not as complete as friendster and facebook.
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Till then, greetings from me here in cold and damp Nottingham.