Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Lost my job due to work permit refusal...

I have been missing in action again for the past couple of months. There is nothing much to update then. If I were to summarise, it is basically working, drinking in the pub, watching tele at home, travelling back to Nottingham and etc. Nothing interesting happened.

In fact, I felt like I am drawing myself further away from God sometimes. I have not been experiencing his Love like I used to when I was back in Nottingham. I found a church in Barrow but I never get to share as much as I desired to. I believe this is due to cultural differences between Chinese and the locals here in the UK.

Just recently, I am back to Nottingham once again for a very very long time. My work permit was application was refused by Border Agency. It came as a shock to me and my company. I was baffled by this decision. As I will be deemed illegal if I continue working for Oxleys, I had no choice but to stop working immediately. There were still projects under my supervision but all these were put on hold.

Sometimes, God place obstacles in our ways to let us grow, I believe this blockage is there for a reason. He has a mighty plan for me. I know He leads me to a fulfilling life.

While waiting for the result on my appeal, I am taking time out to visit the Lake District. Windermere is the largest lake in the UK. It gave me ample time to think about my future, my destiny and His plans for me. Eventhough I lost this job, somehow, deep inside me a feeling of relief and joy flourishes. I long for the love of God who never cease to seek me. I felt this as soon as I get back to Nottingham City Fellowship. I promise myself to take this time for service to the church and the fellowship. Here are some pics I took during the visit.

Then there was this shop selling bird food. I really wanted to feed them and wonder how it feels like. So I bought the foods and started feeding. Alas!! The birds came flying towards me like they I am their saviour or something. My hand was a little sore after that.

I miss all my mates in Malaysia. To all of you in Malaysia, I will be back in May..let's go yam char. Mari kita pergi mamak..k..?

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