Sunday, 30 December 2007

Updates after Xmas celebration in Nottingham...

I am now officially a Christian boy after baptism last month. On 25th Nov 2008 I undergone full immersion baptism. Its really a great experience. I was immersed in a warm pool of water and then appeared back up feeling all freshed. The ceremony was witnessed by fellow Christian bros and sisters. I got a nice bouquet of flower from fellow church member shown here in the picture:

After that, I went for Christian Retreat near Leicester. Its a farm where all of us had a great time away from the hustle and bustle of Nottingham city. Great time of reflection and sharing of faith. We also had outdoor activities in the freaking cold farm (about 5 degrees top with strong gales) Here is how the place look like:

Then now we move on to Christmas celebration in the UK. Want to know how Nottingham looks like during Christmas, well here is how the city council house looks like:

Nice isn't it? Of course, it was filled with music, carolling and lot of sweets!!

It even snowed once in Nottingham, I was suprised to see it happening one night. However, the white stuff never remained long for the weather turned milder afterwards.

Then of course, I treated myself for a trip to London. The picture above is the picture of London Bridge during night time. I was standing on another bridge while snapping this and I hope you believe it was bitterly cold with the wind blowing endlessly. I was shivering to the from my feet to the head. Its winter!!!

There were Christmas market in London where the Germans were displaying their finest of wines and foods.

Now of course, we come to Christmas celebration. As I am living with my aunt here in NOtts. We celebrate by having a big hot pot (ta pin lou) feast every year. Lots of fresh meats and vegetable lying everywhere on the table. Of course :P

That my aunty and uncle in Nottingham. Look at the foods above!

Here is a picture of my aunt with my nephew and niece...look at their pink cheeks!

Friday, 28 December 2007

More updates after a short delay...

Sorry guys for not being able to update on time. I was quite busy lately, working on 2 jobs. No choice as I need to earn the extra pound to make ends meet.

I was turned down by Borsch as my experience does not match their requirement. However, I get a good feedback from the interview, just that they have better candidates to hire.

Well guys, I bet all of you are curious as to what happened in this few weeks. Well, here we go, I got closer to my mates at work in Siemens, here are some of the photo's taken during our Friday chilling night out:

As I have 2 job tmr. I will need to sleep now. Will upload more photos this Sat.