Friday, 10 July 2009

Unexpected turn of events!

First I received a 5 years work permit which I can use for entry clearance (or visa) application back in Malaysia. You bet I was overwhelmed when hearing the good news. You probably think why I reacted that way, am I over reacting? Work permit was abolished since the great revamp of the UK immigration system in November 08. Instead of the old system, a new point based system was introduced which make things tougher for employers to hire foreign workers (non EU citizens). Employer is required to submit proof of effective HR system and if successful will receive a sponsorship license. Only then a certificate of sponsorship can be issued to potential foreign employees for application to enter UK for work. I was glad to receive a work permit even after the implementation the new system. I must thank the company solicitor for applying before November 08, thus enabling the issuance of the permit.

Next, I travelled back to Malaysia in hope of a smooth visa application process. However, I was shocked when the British High Commission refused to grant clearance just because I separated what was already a perforated work permit. I detached the top portion of the work permit while in the UK assuming it is just a letter head to the addressee and it's remaining being the work permit. Sadly, I was wrong! Even so, I will not cut my hands for being funny separating the important document. Can I appeal since there is no written warning or condition printed on the work permit to indicate it being void if separated? No!! Due to this unfortunate event, I had to postpone my return flight back which cost me around RM 300, also as the visa fee is not refundable, a further RM 1161. At this point, I asked if God really wants me stay in Malaysia instead of UK. All sorts of possibility appeared as I get over this problem.

I was totally devastated, losing all hopes of pursuing my career in the UK. There is almost 0% possibility of securing a replacement work permit ever since the implementation of new system. Thanks be to God! After much prayer, it was finally answered. I will receive a replacement work permit!!! Yay!!! Thanks to my company solicitor for constantly harrasing UKBA (United Kingdom Border Agency). I take this opportunity to thank all those who prayed for me. God is good!

Once again, I will be travelling down to KL next week for the application. Please keep praying for me. I do hope for a better turn of events than the last. Let us see what He has planned for me this time. It is always great to witness God's awesome plan. What ever the decision, whether it be in UK or Malaysia, I will follow closely for I trust He has a plan for me.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Long vacation back home - Malaysia

MALAYSIA - 24rd May 09. I finally landed in Malaysia LCCT airport. I was greeted by red hot yolk called the sun, it feels like entry into a hot oven from a fridge. Before I realise it, my body was perspiring from head to toe. It felt sticky and close. I have never felt like this for 1 year 8 months, time does fly! Don't you agree?

After 3 hours on the road, I finally reached Ipoh, my well missed hometown. Mom and dad greeted us. I was so glad to see them again after so long. It felt good. My ultimate indulgence back home will be the foods and drinks. My first stop - Tuck Kee fried noodles. It was such a pleasure to enjoy the great taste of fried kueh teow with soy sauce. The sweet taste and juicy Ipoh beansprouts (known to be the best in Malaysia) never failed to waken my taste buds as I chew up every spoonful of the famous dish.

About 1 1/2 months now, I enjoyed the simple moments back home. Mom's cooking is always the best in town. So far, I have tasted most of her cookings, my best all time favourites. My dad was glad that I got back. He started making full use of my PSP and Nintendo DS since he has nothing to do at the moment. Mom and dad are still unemployed but will start looking for a shop to do business soon.

I am still applying for entry clearance to re enter UK after failing once. It was me to blame for separating the perforated work permit. Due to this, my initial application was refused as the document was deemed invalid and not intact. The application cost RM 1161 and is not refundable. I lost hope soon after receiving the refusal notice. I even thought of giving up my quest of securing employment in the UK. However hard the road was, I prayed for strength and wisdom. Finally about 3 weeks later, I was told that I will get a replacement work permit. I thank God for giving me a good employer who was willing go all the way to employ me. The UKBA (United Kingdom Border Agency) provided plenty of obstacles to Oxley Developments Co. Ltd. in the process of securing my work permit. Only after much harassing did the UKBA agency promised to issue a replacement work permit to me. At the moment, I am still waiting for it to arrive. I hope it will arrive within this week. My work permit is valid for 5 years and I will need to use it to re apply for entry clearance. I do hope to get an approval of entry clearance before 18th July which is the day of my returning flight. The flight date was changed twice previously due to complication during the application of entry clearance. Both changes costs me around RM500 in total. :-(

I will keep you up to date on my progress...while waiting for my update, why not have a look at my photos on facebook.