Wednesday, 29 August 2007

What a mishap just a day after Hungry Ghost Day...

On the morning of 28th Aug 2007 which is just 1 day after Hungry Ghost Day, our family car went deadlock with keys still plugged into the ignition keyhole, engines running with full blown air-conditioned. We can't get the door open. The auto locking mechanism had a mine of its own, the locking knob just dropped when my dad closed the driver's door, bringing all doors in the state of deadlock.

We tried every alternative possible to get the door open with the lowest cost. Some of the ways used were:
-Using the spare alarm remote, but to no avail since it is never function when the engine is running. Prior to this, we were dumb to find out that the spare remote has no battery in it. So, we had to rush out to get the battery.
-Called locksmith who then try to pick the knob from inside the door using steel wire, also it was raining then so this is how my dad and the locksmith look like when they were working on the door:
This whole mishap cost us RM55. RM40 for locksmith service and another RM15 for the spare remote battery. Besides the financial cost, 1.5 hours were wasted just like that...all this happened while the engine was running...Incredible!!! Maybe its a blessing in disguise to divert us from potential accidents.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Finally a post after a short pause

Dear friends,

Sorry for not keeping to my promise of posting frequently. I am posting from cyber now as my home streamyx connection was terminated. Too bad huh...Well there is nothing I can do since my sister owns the account and decided its time to end it in preparation for WHoliday trip. This should explain why my replies to emails and posting to this blog were delayed.

Ever since the last post, I have travelled twice to Kuala Lumpur. First trip was the party evening which was suppose to be full of fun and excitement. However, I was only there in ALOHA for just 1 hour. It was great seeing ex colleagues once again but I was reluctant to stay longer as I just recovered from FOOD POISIONING. Guess I was too busy consuming every malaysian delicacy possible, everything just got ROJAK inside me and it turns to be poisoinous. I had to see doctor as soon as I arrived to KL by bus, believe me, the pain is unbearable, like a washing machine within me. Since the party was per-planned, I wouldn't want to potong stim, so instead of resting at home, I went on for a short appearance. Here is one of the photo for the night:

My second trip to KL was purposed to send someone off to UK for further studies. She was my girlfriend's sister, Elaine. Smart and cute gal going off to Britain for medical studies. Guess, I will be seeing her when I get to UK next month.

With about 2 weeks left to go, I am now preparing a comprehensice checklist for things to bring, otherwise my preparation is almost done. One of the things I prepare is the storing of english and cantonese series into my newly bought WESTERN DIGITAL passport (120 GB portable harddrive). I knew I had to slog real hard for my keeps when I get to UK, this includes cutting of movie outings as tickets can cost as much as RM 70-100 per pax.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Fire in Simpang Pulai, Perak

During the journey to our boutique, I saw thick smoke billowing from 2 wooden houses situated in Simpang Pulai. I took a diversion from the main route to find out more. Here is what I saw as I approach the area:

I am not sure if there were casualties but throughout my stay there, no ambulance was observed. Take a close at this last picture:

Instead of water being pumped out of the hose nozzle, water was observed exuding from every orifice on the engine. I am not sure whether this is normal but water fountain was observed from top of fire engine, I believe loss of water pressure may result from this. This explains why water pressure was low when the fireman tried to put out the fire. This incident happened around 10.30am around Simpang Pulai Village, Perak.

Here is the link to my video captured during the incident:

Nothing much happening today...

Nothing much has happened today and I am trying more foods now. Rojak and Nasi goreng. Contacted my aunty living in Nottingham and a friend in London. At least accommodation is all arranged as for now. Upon arrival to UK next month, I will stay for 2 nights in my friend's place while doing some sightseeing and visit job agencies in London. Then, move on to Nottingham by coach straight to my aunty's place.

Its not an easy game job hunting in the UK, upon many applications I did online for the past few days or so, none was favourable. However, I will keep on hunting, so hopefully something good will turn up. Wish me luck friends...

Will post more update starting next week. After this weekend I should have a lot more to post since there will be a lot of activities going on then.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

New pair of eyes


Today, I just collected my new pair of glasses. Cost me RM245 with thinning of the lenses. Here is my old and new pair taken this morning:

My old pair of glasses

My new pair of glasses

Of course, this is how I look with this new pair of glasses right now. Do I look different than I was before? I thought of preparing a spare pair of it just in case I break the old one in UK. Any idea how much a pair of prescribe spectacles cost in UK? Well, the last time I did in UK 4 years back was 99 pounds or RM 700+ for a pair of basic one. Now you know why!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Some of the pictures of myself

Me and friends in F.M.S. Ipoh

Me and Anne in Genting Highland

Me and Anne in Genting

Another one

And another one

Happening Ipoh (My lovely home)

ANOTHER 27 days...

As days are nearing to my departure to UK, I took every opportunity to enjoy all the delicate foods in Ipoh. I even took time to go "yam char" with everyone I know. As I know life is going to be tough once I am there in UK, every day is so important to me and minutes become so significant now. Among foods I have already cleared from my never ending list were Nasi Lemak, "Luk luk" (Mini steamboat like satay style), friend mee hon, Bak Ku Teh and etc.

Just last Saturday, 11th Aug 2007, I was so lucky to witness one of the grand events held in Ipoh, it was the open air summer concert jointly organised by 8TV, Magnum and other proud sponsors. All held in front of my old school, St. Michael. Not in its field but "Ipoh Padang".

Here are some of the moments taken during the night:

It was really fantastic. About 16 different singers from Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan presented their masterpieces. Right towards the end of it, I got the rare opportunity to snap photos of these celebrities in their vans. The last picture shows one of the many celebrities, this particular one is from Korea. It was a hot night, real "HOT" if you know what I really meant. Crowd contains mainly of youngsters and adolescents so it was really a lively crowd. I guess no one expected Ipoh can be so cool and happening. I am so proud to be an Ipoh-ian. This event was also showed live on 8TV. Unfortunately I was not captured on TV, else I could be an instant celebrity.

This weekend should be a happening one as I will be travelling down to KL for Saturday night fever. Some of my colleagues wanted to chill out in ALOHA bar while doing a farewell bash for me there. Gonna be cool I guess. If it really materialise, well, of course you guys and gals out there will get to see more pics. That's a promise for sure.

Monday, 13 August 2007

A little more about myself


Another day has gone, bringing me closer to departure day, 11th September 2007. My air travel arrangement is confirmed. This is really a big leap from the comfortable lifestyle of Malaysia, not really an easy decision to make. However, I have decided. My reason is pretty simple, enjoy life and explore opportunities as they come. It just so happen that I have this opportunity now and will definitely regret if I don’t grab it. (WHV) Working Holiday Visa is applicable for those ages 19 to 30 only. I am already 26 now.

With more than a month to go now, I am hanging around in my parent’s boutique. Want to know how it looks like? Well, here are some pictures:

It’s really great hanging around in this air-conditioned space, however I felt that it is not so ideal for a guy to sell ladies clothing. I just cannot imagine myself adjusting a dress for them. Just not my type of thing. Therefore, I did ask for part time vacancy. There is an opening for “runner boy” position in IMAX behind Jusco, Ipoh. Pay is just RM 3 per hour. Required to clean toilet, wipe PCs and etc. Of course, I am not going for it. It’s crazy. To make things worse, I have to work on weekends and shifts as well. Guess I rather stay in the shop and continue to become a parasite (If you know what I meant) before departure. Will not hurt lahh…as I am still using my savings, so not really parasite but a symbiosis relationship.

Back to my companion, 130Y Nissan Sunny, most likely will be sold off next week. I am still in the process of negotiating for better price. Good news, my car is officially sold off for RM9500. Yeah! I can finally get some funding for my trip. Yahoo!!!
Got my haircut last night, thanks to my personal hair designer, my MOM. Yes, you read this right, she was once a hair stylist. Really saved a lot on hair cuts all these years. Here is how I look now, combined with my clean shave this. Do I look any different from before and after shave? I didn’t spot any difference.

Here are some pictures of my room and mischievous dog:

Haven’t got time to really tidy up the room, guess I just leave it now, since I am moving to UK soon. Not bothered. As for this brownish canine, he has been with us since last year. It is pretty easy to describe him. He can be yours anytime provided you bring him plenty of food. Easy to maintain, why? He loves ROTI CANAI! Normal canine never take vege, but this dog munches up everything that we, humans eat. He loves to whistle (generated by his deep breathing rhythm), which is why we named him, Ah Bee. Besides all its bad habit, this is a hardworking and smart kid, barks at the right person, mostly suspicious looking. We love him so much. Will let you all know more about him in future posts.

Inaugural post


Hi all,

This will be my first post to this newly created blog. This Blog will be dedicated to my working holidaying trip starting next month 11th September to United Kingdom.

My companion for this long (almost 2 years) trip will hopefully be my GF, sister and another friend. Its kinda cool and exciting thinking ahead of it. So far, I would say preparation is about 50% complete. The remaining would be dental check up (as dental checkup in UK is damn costly), travel insurance, getting an extra pair of glasses and the list goes on.
My departure to UK will be on the 11th Sept 2007...I know I know that this is not a "Great" date to travel, however it didn't cross our mind when booking was done...not me doing the booking but my we know who to blame now, do we? Hahahaha.... :P

I just stopped working last week, so back to Ipoh now, just hanging around while preparing for my trip. Waking every morning, the first thing I normally do is to surf and update this blog.
Don't worry guys, I will post loads of pics during my trip. Picture speaks a thousand words, right.

Today, my task would be opening a new HSBC bank account (international bank so more convenient when I get to UK) and getting a best selling price for my companion, Nissan Sunny 130Y. Gotta sell this piece off to fund my trip.

Well, its almost towards the end of today, I have accomplished 2 task. HSBC joint account was successfully opened with my dad.

Another great news is about my companion, he actually worth more that I initially thought. After checking with 1 of the car dealers, we can sell him off for at least RM9000. My initial expectation was somewhere around RM5000, some guys told me that. I bought this piece for RM 18500 so at least if sold for RM9000, considered a good bargain since its edy 3rd hand.
Not sold yet, we will survey the price further tmr. Hopefully higher...alright, its time for my dinner now...adioz...