Sunday, 11 December 2011

Great Sunday 12.12.11

It's been quite sometime since I last blogged. Choosing to stay in Ipoh has been my wisest decision so far. I have never look back ever since.

So what makes today do special that I it triggers me to start blogging again???

I had a great encounter with God today through a sermon delivered by pastor Mike Pilavachi. He mentioned that being a Christian is not just about God's purpose for us but it is about living in a community. Supporting and learning to love one another within a community. God need us minister to our community and we are not fulfilling God's purpose for us until we learn to live in our Christian community and accept the weakness and problems of others. This message woke me up as I realise that I had been straying away from my church. Wandering away from my church community to feed my curiosity. I thank God for this message.

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